Why We Chose To Live At The Residences of the Hotel McGibbon

Why We Chose To Live At The Residences of the Hotel McGibbon image
Nov 7, 2016

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Why We Chose To Live At The Residences of the Hotel McGibbon

Over 70 condos have been sold already, but who has bought units in the proposed new building, and why? We asked a local reporter to ask buyers why they’d decided to live here, and why it was good for our community. Here is a smattering of their responses:

Georgetown is my Home

“I’ve lived here most of my life. I’ve watched this town grow and change. I’ve raised my family here, but as our kids leave, and we no longer need the space (or expense!) of a family home, my husband and I want to find something to move to in a few years. We worked hard to buy and maintain our home, so I want to downsize, but not downgrade, where we live.  And until now, that has been hard to find.”  Beth

Car Free Living

“Ever since my wife and I moved out of Toronto 20 years ago, we’ve run two cars, with the expense and environmental impact that it brings. At the new McGibbon we will have one car, and use a Zip Car (for which there are spaces reserved in the underground parking) for all other journeys. Better yet, we can walk. Pretty much everything we need is right here on Main Street. Maybe we’ll even get bikes!”  Bill


Shopping Local

“We all love the idea of shopping local, but to survive, local businesses need customers. We have excellent retailers as well as professional services from lawyers and accountants to chiropractors and hair stylists, and we are looking forward to living what we believe about supporting small businesses locally – all just steps away.”  Ruth and Michael

A Community within a Community

“With 125 units, the Residences will be a community within a community, with neighbours sharing things in common and helping each other out when needed.  The common spaces will give an opportunity for networking and making new connections, all of which will make our community stronger.”  Bob and Jean

Building and Sustaining Our Community

“Our friends, who have bought a condo in the building, have contributed to our community and want to remain at the heart of it.  Between them they have raised funds, run grass-roots clubs and groups, all in their own time.  They want to stay here, to see their children and grandchildren enjoy the amenities they helped to build, and to continue their family contribution to the community.” David

Embracing Change

“I haven’t always liked change, after my husband passed away, I had to be willing to embrace change. At first I wasn’t sure I supported a condo building downtown, but when I realized it was local developers who really cared about the design, held public consultations and changed the design accordingly, I warmed to the idea. Being on my own, and with family cross province, I want a secure home with the ability to lock up and go, and that’s why I chose to buy a condo.”  Judy