A Georgetown Landmark Reinvented: Locals Embrace the McGibby’s Redesign

A Georgetown Landmark Reinvented: Locals Embrace the McGibby’s Redesign image
Oct 24, 2016

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A Georgetown Landmark Reinvented: Locals Embrace the McGibby’s Redesign

Recently an editorial in our local paper about the Residences of the Hotel McGibbon provided readers with insight about this amazing project.

The article talks about the popularity of the old McGibbon Hotel and how it has, over the years, become run-down. But it hails the renovation of the old property by SilverCreek Development as “A skillful blend of contemporary architecture and historical preservation”, going on to say that “this highly anticipated project is easily Georgetown’s most exciting, new “mixed use” development.”

One of the factors that make the reinvention of the McGibbon so appealing is its environmental features.

“In keeping with the town’s strategic vision to preserve, protect and promote our history and environment, the new Residences of the Hotel McGibbon represents a remarkable exercise in sustainable development, making it the first-of-its-kind in the area.”

“Features such as geothermal heating and cooling, full spectrum LED lighting, low VOC paints, individually metered residences, electric car stations plus numerous other energy and water-efficient elements all come together brilliantly at the new McGibbon. In fact, its new residents will probably live in what turns out to be the most energy-efficient building in Halton.”


“While lower utility bills and living ethically certainly have their appeal, the design’s “cascading terraces” and upscale interiors drenched in natural light have turned most homebuyers’ heads. Future residents report that they love the idea of living in brightly lit homes with views and terraces that connect them to nature and absorb them with a sense of calm and well-being.”

“So, who are these future residents? Who’s moving in to the new McGibbon’s stunning suites? Thus far: locals. The development team (SilverCreek—a homegrown company) reports that 96% of the brisk sales to date have come from current Georgetown residents. Their/our enthusiastic response speaks to the built-up demand for high-end condos in our community.”

“Whether we get to live in the new McGibbon or not, we can all feel better knowing that a beloved local landmark is getting a new lease on life—and that it will set an incredible new standard for environmental development in Halton. Let’s just hope that other investments in our community measure up.”

The Presentation Centre is now open at Main and Mill. Drop in. We’d love to show you around.