The Plus Side of Living in a Condo – Getting Rid of “Stuff”

The Plus Side of Living in a Condo – Getting Rid of “Stuff” image
Sep 26, 2016

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The Plus Side of Living in a Condo – Getting Rid of “Stuff”

There are so many advantages to living in a condo. The convenience is unbelievable – no worries about gardening or maintenance or snow shovelling or security. Want to travel? Just lock the door and leave – there’s nothing else to do! 

One of the most compelling advantages of condo living is the opportunity to create a home that works for your stage of life. What a great feeling to purge all of the extraneous stuff you’ve collected over the years . . . and start fresh. It’s positively electrifying. Getting rid of clutter is freeing. It is emancipating. It unshackles you from the unimportant “stuff” and lets you build a home with things that are really meaningful.

But it isn’t always easy to do. Sentimental value often translates into boxes of stuff that have no place to go. Storage lockers are one way of dealing with the stuff – but inevitably they just become mini warehouses of things you don’t want to deal with. One way of preserving things like photos, children’s artwork, report cards is to take pictures of them and get rid of the originals. Other things can be given away as gifts to the next generation – a great way to get rid of Aunt Mildred’s needlepoint or your Dad’s old tackle box. Many people have success selling things online or hosting garage sales. While you won’t likely make tons of money, it’ll make you feel better than throwing some of your stuff away.

Still others find that donating their unwanted things to charity helps soften the blow. This is ideal for clothing, furniture, kitchen things, old bikes, gardening stuff, lawn furniture, etc.

The reward of living in a clutter-free zone is worth it. The zen of de-cluttering creates an oasis of calm that permeates every aspect of your life. It’s a great way to start off in your new condominium!