Small Town Living With Urban Style

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Jun 7, 2016

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Small Town Living With Urban Style

When you combine the advantages of living in a small town, with the elegance of a new urban condominium suite, you can look forward to an incredibly energizing lifestyle that offers you the very best of both worlds.

Did you know that living in a small town can increase your life expectancy? Perhaps it’s the slower pace, the fresher air, the reduced stress and the peacefulness that impacts on a healthier life. Or perhaps it’s the sense of belonging to a community, of having close friendships – of being known within the town. Whatever it is, life is quieter, easier and more rewarding in a small town. When you’re not fighting traffic, dashing to catch a subway, waiting in line for a movie or restaurant – you experience measurably less stress. And when you add the positives of small town living – the ease of getting around, the community involvement, the intimate places of worship, the interesting shops, the one of a kind restaurants, the quaint community events… it becomes apparent that life is better than in the big smoke.

Plus it’s often less expensive to live in a small town. Homes cost less. Property taxes are less. Even services are less. Compare the cost of a hair cut in Yorkville and one in Georgetown. Not even close!


But often, smaller towns simply don’t have the kind of condominiums that sophisticates seek. The exception is The Residences of The Hotel McGibbon in charming Georgetown. Here, you can enjoy all of the advantages of small town living with the glamour and style of an urban condominium that has everything a big city condo offers and more!

At The Residences of The Hotel McGibbon you will discover magnificent condominium suites with floor to ceiling windows and gorgeous stepped terraces perched atop the architecturally replicated Hotel McGibbon. A combo of historical and contemporary; old and new, yesterday and today. You’ll enjoy the latest in stylish finishes, amenities, design… all of the advantages of sophisticated big city living in a charming small town that is close yet far enough away to make a difference.

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