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May 24, 2016

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Meet Mason Studio

As the interior designers for The Residences of the Hotel McGibbon, Mason Studio has risen to the challenge of creating memorable common spaces as well as selecting an exceptional menu of finishes for the suites.

Mason Studio’s portfolio of hotels, restaurants, retail stores, multi-unit residences, exhibitions and conceptual installations can be found on almost every continent. They explain, “The keys to comprehending a global context is through an innately sensitive attitude to cultural perspective, dedicated research on human interaction with environments, and a network of professionals with specialized talents.” With love for and renewed perspective of everyday spaces, this Toronto-based firm is dedicated to finding multidisciplinary solutions for their clients.

For The Residences of the Hotel McGibbon, Mason has adopted a subdued yet stylish palette throughout, utilizing materials that reflect an honest and tactile approach to design. Their design is the result of extensive research into the historical background of the Hotel and they’ve included special art and artifacts gleaned from historical reference throughout the common areas of the building.


The lobby has a grand, yet casual ambiance. It is large and airy with light stone floors and soft panelled walls divided by luxurious brass accents. The eye is drawn upwards to an elaborately coffered wood ceiling that emphasizes the height of the space. Unique artwork sits behind the stone concierge desk with another piece of sculpture in the lounge. Mason has also introduced a gallery hall with display cases containing work from local artisans providing a reminder that the space and area has a strong history.

The residences themselves feature spectacular layouts that are spacious and elegant. Mason has selected highly refined finishes that are both beautiful and functional including magnificent woods, marbles, porcelain and glass.

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*Renderings and illustrations are artist’s concept.