STUDIO JCI – Visionary Architecture That Transforms

STUDIO JCI – Visionary Architecture That Transforms image
May 17, 2016

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STUDIO JCI – Visionary Architecture That Transforms

Studio JCI is the architectural tour de force behind the spectacular design of The Residences of the Hotel McGibbon. Led by Jaegap Chung, Studio JCI has an international reputation for creating structures that reflect sensitivity and passion for the communities in which they are built. The company has particular expertise in the repurposing of historical buildings, integrating new structures within old ones.

Studio JCI has brought many thoughtful details to their design for The Hotel McGibbon, including an inspirational connection to the outdoors, a façade that epitomizes context and a sensitive integration of old and new.

The Residences at The Hotel McGibbon blend modern architecture with the traditional vibe of the historical Hotel McGibbon. The new building is integrated within the existing context, not separate from it. It belongs. Chung also created a distinct volume for the lobby on Mill Street that marks this space for residents and visitors alike.

At street level, the façade blends seamlessly with the original building; mirroring the storefronts along Main Street and mimicking the brick structure of the hotel in the first three storeys. But then the structure morphs into a contemporary glass edifice that epitomizes modern design.

JCI’s liberal use of glass creates an ambiance that is light and airy – an ambiance that connects people to the outdoors and creates stunning views. The Residences feature a brilliant glass skin juxtaposed with industrial-inspired mullions that foster floor-to-ceiling windows. Studio JCI has designed the building in a series of stepped back floors creating spacious terraces that extend the living space beyond walls and connect residents with the outdoors.

Finally, and maybe most significantly, the architecture is an authentic celebration of old and new. Chung explains, “This decidedly modern building manages to stay rooted in its heritage, while producing something with contemporary resonance.” The building connects and pays homage to the rich history here. Red brick with subtle details like arches above the windows is used to highlight the original footprint of the hotel. Grey brick denotes the addition. It’s very much a part of the fabric of the street. There’s a palpable sense of respect and honour for what was once here.

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*Renderings and illustrations are artist’s concept.