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Local heritage and modern living meet at Main and Mill in the heart of Georgetown. The town’s legendary 19th Century landmark, now breathtakingly re-envisioned into a remarkable one-of-a-kind edifice that blends an authentic renovation of the original hotel with a modern residential condominium, offering all of the necessities for contemporary life.

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Silvercreek redesign

The SilverCreek Experience

1. Inspiration & Styling

First things first, get inspired! Gather images you love from magazines, websites, blogs, and Pinterest. We also encourage you to visit the presentation centre to preview all of the beautiful décor options we offer for your new home. A few months after signing, the sales team will invite you for a consultation to select your palette, and determine any upgrades. We’ll help you express your style and get the most value out of your budget.

2. Track Progress

Once you’ve stylized your new home, you get to look forward to the exciting day when it’s built and ready for inspection. We understand that waiting can be difficult, so we will keep you in the loop through personal correspondence and community updates on social media. The sales team will be your primary contact during this process, liaising with the rest of the team to answer any of your questions.

3. Pre-occupancy Meeting

Approximately 90 days before you inspect your new home, we’ll reach out to you to go over what’s coming up. As always, our team will be more than happy to help you through any questions or issues you might have. At this time we’ll host an orientation meeting, run by the sales team and the builder.

Don’t forget to: Consult your lawyer and bank. Talk to your lawyer and bank and forward us their contact info. Also, make sure you provide them both with a completed Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

Schedule your pre-delivery inspection. Complete a pre-delivery inspection with TARION (see next step).

4. Pre-delivery Inspection

All homebuilders in Ontario are governed by TARION, which protects homebuyers’ interests and requires a pre-delivery inspection (PDI) of all new residences, approximately two weeks before closing. During your PDI, you get a chance to view your completed home and flag any issues you might see. A representative of the builder will lead the inspection, answering all of your questions and walking you through your new home—from top to bottom! The builder will be there to resolve any deficiency and maintenance questions.

When you purchase a new home, it’s important that you register at By registering, you can manage all of your warranty information in one place, submit forms online, and receive e-correspondence instead of paper. We encourage you to register so you can ask questions online or report incomplete items.

5. Homeownership Happiness

Now you get to move into your new home! As a SilverCreek homeowner, you’ll enjoy industry-leading warranty coverage of your new home, outstanding customer care (we’re only an email or phone call away) and an amazing referral program, so you can encourage your friends and family to move in right next door. All that’s left is for you to build some new memories in your home!

Professional Associations

SilverCreek is a registered builder with Tarion, and members of BILD/OHBA and TCA.

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